Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum amount for an installment loan depends on laws and regulations in each state. Loans available on InstallmentLoans.Live are up to $10000.
An installment loan is a paid back over a set number of scheduled payments.
Qualification requirements vary from lender to lender. However, lenders accept social security, pension and other benefits as income. If you meet the minimum requirement for a lender then you can qualify.
An installment loans offered by our lender network have a term between 6 motnhs and 60 months. The lender that you work with will make the final decision on your term based on your qualifications. If you receive a loan from a lender, the manner and method of repayment should be included. You can agree to the terms the lender sets or disagree and try to find another lender.
If you can not pay back the loan, contact the lender as quickly as possible and let them know. You will likely be charged a late fee. Each lender will have their own terms and condidtion regarding late payments. Be sure to read your loan agreement and understand all of your lender's policies.
Email can be incorrectly sent to you spam folder by your email service provider. Check your spam folder first. You can contact your email provider for assistance. If you still can not find the email you are expecting contact us at or call (855) 884-2535.
No. InstallmentLoans.Live is not a lender. This service enables you to quickly submit your information to a network of lenders. InstallmentLoans.Live will connect you with a lender and they will make the loan. Our service does not comprise an offer of credit.
Lenders may offer loans to you if you are self-employed. If you can show proof of steady income and meet other requirements some lenders may want to work with you. When filling out your information, use your legal business name and contact information as your employer.
Please see our privacy policy to understand how we protect your personal information.
Some fields can be left blank. However there are certain fields that are required. The form will guide you by letting your know what information can be left blank and what is needed to continue.
Yes! This website is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.
The details of your loan are not available to us because InstallmentLoans.Live is not a lender. If you found a lender using this service, the lender will have provided you with loan details and conditions with your loan offer. Every lender is different and will have different terms and arrangements. You need to contact the lender that you are working with to get the details of the loan.
Lenders are open to working with people with bad credit. A few basic qualification requirements are as follows: minimum age requirement, valid ID, proof of income and a working phone number. Although these are basic requirements, each lender will make their final assessment as to whether or not you meet their requirements to make a loan offer.
You may be able to get money deposited into your account in as little as 24 hours. Weekends and holidays may prolong the time it takes to transfer the money to you. Usually once you sign a loan agreement the money will be in your account with in 1-5 business days.
InstallmentLoans.Live will not contact you at your job. We are not a lender. However, every lender has their own policies. Make sure you provide your employer information correctly. If you are concerned about this, talk to the lender and discuss their policy with regard to contacting employers.
If you are given a loan offer the payment dates are typically preassigned. You should talk to the lender before you agree to the terms of the loan if you want to arrange a different payment schedule.
Lenders are different and have different policies. Most will require that you have a checking account.

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